scorch learned early some of the hazards of playing with fire, and scorch brings the learnings from this incident into his role as lead singer and chief passage officer of ‘THEunderFOOTS’

scorch's river

see the trial by fire here:


Lower Don Meetup

THEunderFOOTs are a collection of creatures from various places around the world. they are all manifestations of the overlooked, mossy intricate worlds underfoot. from April 16th-June 16th 2017 THEunderFOOTs come together from their disparate backgrounds to stand up and be seen!

these creatures will be safely housed in three glass boxes within building 12 at Evergreen Brick Works, and throughout the course of their two month sit-in, every time you turn your back, THEunderFOOTs will traverse and transform their small glass enclosures.

each creature is made up of materials assembled from nature, and brought together by sponsors from the human world. if you find some other creatures underfoot email with a mugshot and we will do our best to find a place for them in the show!

come back to this website often and watch out in person, as they may not stay contained!